Hazem Allbabidi

Hazem Allbabidi
Software Engineer | Web | Linux | DevOps | K8s

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Golang, JS, & Bash Code Snippets


I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Malaya in 2021 with a CGPA of 3.71 out of 4.

I worked at multiple companies gathering around 3 years of experience in Web and Software Development. I currently work at Safe Decision as a Software Developer, working on Cybersecurity related software and tools.


Javascript PHP Golang Bash SQL Laravel Vue JS Nuxt JS


CKA Certified

Certified as a Kubernetes Administrator by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

16K+ Client Management System

Developed a client management system that manages over 16,000 users.

Linux From Scratch

Completed the Linux From Scratch project, which is a project that allows you to build your own Linux system from scratch.

Payment Integration

Integrated a payment gateway into a client-based website using the API provided by the payment service.

Active Directory Syncing

Synced users from an Active Directory (LDAP) with an existing website, allowing users to login using their LDAP credentials.

Blue Screen Menu in Linux

Created a blue screen menu in Linux that allow managing the system, rebooting, shutting down the system and more.

CLI Tool & Website Using Golang

Built a CLI tool using Golang that also serves a website for clients and viewers to view the data.

Developed Multiple Management Websites

Developed multiple webapps ranging from Sales Tracking to E-Commerce and even a Recruitment Management System.

Deployed A Video-Conferencing Website

Deployed and managed an open source video-conferencing website that allows users to host and join video conferences.

Used Various Technologies

Used many technologies to aid with development and deployment. These include RabbitMQ, Websockets, Ansible, Vagrant, and more.